Moving. Forward. Together.

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“Hello, I’m Rob Deutschmann and I am running to be the next Regional Chair for Waterloo Region.

This campaign marks the opportunity for all of us in Waterloo Region to come together and plan for our future, and for generations to come. It’s our chance to develop a community plan for where we want to go and how we are going to get there.

I call it Waterloo Region 2.0. I invite you to join me in this regional conversation. “

Moving. Forward. Together.


Regional government must be agile and responsive to ever changing social, economic and environmental influences that drive our economy and society.


As a leader for positive change Regional government must stimulate the social and economic growth of our urban and rural communities to allow us all to prosper.


We’ll need to work together collaborating to make sure all voices in the Region are heard and involving everyone who wants to be part of the solution to plan our future.

Cambridge City Hall

Kitchener City Hall

Region of Waterloo Administrative Headquarters

Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex

RIM Park Sportsplex

Wellesley Municipal Office

St. Clements Ball Diamond

St. Jacobs Country Playhouse

Woolwich Memorial Centre

Riverside Public School

New Hamburg Water Mill

Castle Kilbride

North Dumfries Centennial Park